Axios, which was the first outlet to cover the story. Peterson is a clinical psychologist in Canada and a professor emeritus at the University of Toronto; he often expresses anti-LGBTQ+ and specifically anti-trans views.In one video, posted July 1, Peterson objected to Twitter’s suspension of his account because of a tweet he posted during Pride Month in which he said, “Remember when pride was a sin?” and deadnamed and misgendered Page, the well-known trans actor.

He claimed not to know what exactly about his tweet violated Twitter’s rules, and he said he would “rather die” than delete it, which was a requirement for reinstatement to the platform.

He also denounced gender-affirming health care and called trans identity “a viciously harmful fad.”In the other video, from July 15, he went even further, calling gender-affirming care “the literal sacrifice of children to false gods” and saying that the provision of such care is “ghoulish” and “fiendish.” He continued, “It’s not just wrong.