English actress, Yasmin Finney, well known for her role as Elle Argent in the Netflix series Heartstopper, announced that she would play a trans character in Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary special.

On July 9th Finney delivered a speech at Trans+Pride in London, and stated that she would join the Doctor Who cast and play the role of Rose Tyler.  “How many of you have seen Doctor Who?” Finney asked and began her speech, “Yeah, because that is also a moment, and that is also a show where my character is trans.”  Then she gave a powerful response to British minister Boris Johnson’s remarks about transgender women in female sports competitions. “So, Boris [Johnson], I hope you see Heartstopper, I hope you see Doctor Who, because I exist, and I know you know I exist.” “For those of you that haven’t seen, [Elle, her character on Heartstopper is] a Black trans girl, she’s just moved to an all-girls school and she’s trying to navigate the world in a society that’s trying to eradicate her,” Finney continued. “Having this representation on screen has made me realize how impactful it is.

I hope that – well, of course the industry is changing, because I’m here. I’m here.” Finney will be starring in the Doctor Who special with Ncuti Gatwa, who earned BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Actor due to his performance in Sex Education and will play the role of new doctor.