Twitter thread, tweets from Dr. Arturo M Henriques have been reposted and gone viral.The doctor had been riding the metro in Madrid when a man came on “completely riddled” with monkeypox lesions, including on his hands.”I see the situation and I also see the people around me as if nothing will happen,” the doctor said on Twitter.Monkeypox, Spain: Dr tells of spotting this monkeypox infected on the underground train and telling them to isolate immediately: they responded saying they don’t have to as their Dr told them that, and that monkeypox is gay only of August 1, there have been 23,276 confirmed cases of monkeypox across the globe.

A high proportion are concentrated among men who have sex with men. However, the viral disease is not exclusive to this community and anybody can catch the virus after being in close contact with an infected person.Henriques approached the man to ask him what he was doing on the subway, as his lesions were highly contagious.The man confirmed that he did indeed have the virus.

However, he claimed his doctor had just advised him to wear a mask, rather than to isolate.Monkeypox mainly spreads through direct, physical contact with an infected person.