after they have established a career.”The actor and executive producer said that he was “grateful” to be working with production company Blumhouse, who he did “not have to argue this point” with. “They are really leading with integrity over there — especially knowing that they’ll listen beyond this film,” he said. “So we flipped it.

We found the best actors through the audition process, and being out was a plus, not a minus.”Through that audition process and the actors sharing their stories, the “They/Them” creators learned that many of them felt they had to hide their own identity while working on other projects. “No one will argue that their performances in ‘They/Them’ aren’t stellar.

And when you can show everything you can do onscreen, you get more jobs,” Turner Schofield posited. “So I hope this process is just the beginning for these actors, where they can go on to play any role and just be actors.