#foryourpride #soho #gaysoho #pridemonth #londonpride #london #gentrification #prideinlondon #blackpride #lgbt #lgbtqia #queer #queerlondon #gaylondon #sociology‘When you’re a developer whose only goal is to maximise profit, it is more financially advantageous to cater to a wider demographic beyond the LGBT+ community,’ explains Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor Joris Lechêne on TikTok.When you break that down to more granular groups within the LGBT+ community, that potential for profit becomes even smaller.

But it would be remiss to look at this issue purely in terms of business and money.‘These spaces are so important as the queer community deserve a space where they are safe to be completely and unapologetically themselves, without threat to their safety,’ says Tina. ‘Personally, I found that queer bars, above all else, have positively impacted my confidence, allowing me not only to truly accept myself for who I am, but to love myself and my sexuality.’The history of the handkerchief codeWhat is ‘white gay privilege’?What we can learn from the stereotype of the ‘U-Haul lesbian’The Night Czar’s team are now working on a map of venues around London, which will hopefully offer a clearer path for young LGBT+ people to find their peers.‘We are committed to doing all we can to support these venues,’ says Amy, ‘and to do that we must have an accurate understanding of the number in our city.’Many bar owners would be wary of inviting competition, but not Tina, who says she hopes to see more inclusivity – and new venues – in the sector. ‘Time will tell,’ she adds.