we reported on filmmaker Romas Zabarauskas’ promise to send nude selfies to anyone who donated to his Kickstarter for an upcoming project, an offer that had us pulling out our wallets.Well, a few years—and presumably countless d*ck pics—later, You Can’t Escape Lithuania was made.

The film was a true auteur passion project, one that blended the autobiographical (its lead character’s name? Romas Zabarauskas) with the outré and experimental.This queer drama concerns itself with a roadtrip unlike any other: A young director attempts to flee the country with his star actress, Indre, after she kills her mother, bringing his Mexican immigrant boyfriend, Carlos, along for the ride.While on the road, Romas begins improvising a film on the fly, shooting Indre with his smartphone.

But as the project coaxes secrets out of all three passengers, the film and the pilgrimage become wilder than Romas ever imagined.Set in the eponymous Lithuania, where queer people have historically faced scrutiny and outright hostility, Zabarauskas’ film is a heady blend of sex, art, and politics.