Try as they might, homophobes will never be able to stop queer folks from locking lips — and Lord knows they do try.Jorge Esteban Farias and Santiago Maldonado were sharing a kiss in a park in Bogotá, Colombia this week when things took a violent turn.Neighboring citizens aggressively confronted them, yelling that the two were being openly sexual in front of children.

One woman was even attempting to hit the couple with a broomstick throughout the confrontation.The couple recorded the situation until men began shoving and attacking them:Nos vemos mañana a alas 11am en Cl 49a #69-05 bogota.

Vamos a besarnos todes como forma de protesta PACÍFICA BESATÓN A LA NAPOLITANA ¡únete y comparte! Gracias ️‍— Juan Pablo Jaramillo (@Juanjaramilloe) July 30, 2022Multiple bystanders also got video of the confrontation.Related: After homophobe tore up his Pride decor, this Albuquerque man responded in the best wayThe local queer community banded together in response and quickly organized a besatón (literally translated as a “kiss-a-thon”) protest in the same park the two boys were run out of.Folks brought out flags, signs, and a hell of a lot of gay spirit to show the bigoted neighbors that they weren’t going to be intimidated.Check out the demonstration in all its make-out majesty:Hoy se llevó a cabo una besatón en el mismo lugar donde una pareja de chicos fue agredida por darse un beso. #MásBesosMásAmor Erick Morales para Sentiido.