Los Espookys wrapped up its acclaimed first season in summer 2019. Thankfully, HBO’s idiosyncratic horror-comedy is finally coming back, and it doesn’t appear to have changed at all.We take that back—it’s actually “more fantastic, more mysterious, and more ‘Espookier’ than before,” according to the first teaser for season two.

And you’ll hear no complaints from us.Created by Fred Armisen, Ana Fabrega, and Pride 50 honoree Julio Torres, Los Espookys is a truly singular television experience about a group of friends who have turned their love of horror into a business, conjuring up homemade scares for clientele who are frequently more peculiar than the frights they’re paying for.The trio revealed to Entertainment Weekly that season two was about “three-fourths” of the way through filming when production was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and indefinitely delayed.

Coming more than three years after the beloved first season, we’re delighted to report that it looks like Los Espookys is picking up right where it left off.There’s Torres’ Andrés, the gay heir to a chocolate fortune now estranged from his family and forced to work as a “staircase model.” Fabrega’s singular Tati is trying to balance married life with her career as a successful author.