The state’s Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin has appointed Casey Flores, 31, to the Virginia LGBTQ Advisory Board, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

The 21-member board advises the governor on matters of policy and the interests of LGBTQ+ Virginians.But leaders in the LGBTQ+ community and Virginia officials want Flores to withdraw before his appointment takes effect July 1 due to “disgusting” public behavior that came to light this week.His previous tweets came under scrutiny, and many questioned whether Flores was qualified for the position Youngkin appointed him to.For instance, in one tweet, he accuses Vice President Kamala Harris of “suck[ing] the right dick” to reach her position.

In another, he attacks a person he disagrees with on an unrelated topic for his and his wife’s appearance. “Before I go – you and your wife should hit the gym lmao,” Flores writes.