Neil Patrick Harris’s charming turn as a newly single gay man in New York can’t stop Darren Star’s slow, derivative and poorly plotted drama from feeling flat

Uncoupled (Netflix), the story of a suddenly single gay man having to recalibrate his life in New York City, is what happens when you make subtext text. The new series by Darren Star is essentially a remake of his 1998-2004 megahit Sex and the City, which was itself essentially a comedy-drama about four gay men written as women – because at the turn of the millennium Ellen had only just come out on her sitcom, and Will & Grace was very much considered as far as you could go with gay jokes and cultural truths and whatnot.

Michael (charmingly played by Neil Patrick Harris, last seen on UK small screens breaking our hearts as Henry Coltrane in It’s a Sin) is blissfully happy with Colin (Tuc Watkins), his partner of 17 years. Colin, however, is less so and abruptly leaves him on Colin’s 50th birthday – just as the doors are opened on a surprise party Michael has arranged. Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You plays, to save time in heightening the pathos and drama.

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