UK LGBTQ+-focused distributor Peccadillo Pictures has claimed that Amazon Prime Video UK is refusing to make Canadian artist and filmmaker Bruce LaBruce’s provocative dark comedy Saint-Narcisse available on its online store.Company MD Tom Abell said its request to list the title on Amazon’s UK online offering had been turned down without explanation.The comic, psycho-sexual thriller – which was the closing film of Venice parallel section Giornate degli Autori (Venice Days) in 2020 – revolves around a narcissistic young man who discovers he has an identical twin.

This unknown brother has been raised in captivity by a wicked priest. When destiny brings the pair together they embark on an incestuous web of revenge and redemption.Abell said: “We are totally mystified as to why Amazon Prime Video is refusing to make the critically acclaimed Saint-Narcisse available to its customers, both here in the UK and internationally.”“When their system originally refused to take the film we pointed out that it was available on Amazon in the U.S.

and France and then it was removed from those platforms as well, despite being on them for over six months. The DVD continues to be sold by Amazon but they won’t stream it,” he continued.The film, which is classified as an ‘18’ without cuts by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), had previously been available on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S.