My girlfriend and I at two weddings, in 2019 & 2022 ? We’ve had our lot of lows, but the highs are worth it all ?? from lgbt A Reddit user by the name of Alice lit up both the r/lgbt and r/transtimelines subreddits with side-by-side photos of herself and her girlfriend at two weddings, one taken before Alice started transitioning and one taken after.“We’ve had our lot of lows, but the highs are worth it all,” Alice wrote in her caption.As fellow Reddit users fawned over the photos of Alice’s glow-up, the Belgium native revealed more about her journey so far.

One commenter, for example, said Alice and her girlfriend are beautiful and added that they’re “glad your relationship/marriage is a good one.”“Aw, thank you,” Alice responded. “Aren’t married yet, but who knows!

We’ve had our challenges, but in the end, it only made us stronger.”Related: Roomies surprise trans woman with the most touching gift one day after she comes outWhen another commenter told Alice they look unrecognizable, she responded, “And yet everyday I feel like HRT [hormone replacement therapy] doesn’t work and I’m not changing.