@theaidsmemorial. The profile primarily posts tributes to lives lost to HIV. However, it also occasionally posts stories of survivors.Related: Good Morning America’s Tony Morrison on living with HIV and going public about itOne such person living with HIV is Michael Glockner, who lives in Orange County, California.“On December 1st, 2021, I made a post on my Instagram account for World Aids Day and tagged The AIDS Memorial account,” Glockner says. “The AIDS Memorial reposted it and a few hours later a guy named Johnny ‘slid into my DMs’ introducing himself to me.“We started to chat about each other’s HIV journey.

From there the chatting on Instagram became texting on the phone to chatting on the telephone to video chats. We would talk several times a day, a few hours each time.

We both ended up developing feelings for each other. It was such an amazing feeling.“A couple of weeks later, Johnny then suggested we meet in person.