drug charges is suing the prison for what she calls discrimination. Christina Lusk, 56, has faced sexual and verbal abuse since being incarcerated at Moose Lake prison in Minnesota, USA, after admitting to a felony drug possession charge.Lusk, who is legally recognised as female and came out as transgender 14 years ago, has asked to be moved from the men’s facility to the women’s prison in nearby Shakopee.

Jess Braverman, an attorney for the group Gender Justice, which is representing Lusk along with the Minneapolis law firm of Robins Kaplan, said: “She’s a woman, and suddenly she’s placed in a men’s facility. “She’s in a locked cell with a number of men, and she’s really exposed to harassment and violence in that setting.”While in prison, Lusk has also been denied gender-affirming surgery by corrections officials, her lawsuit says.It also states that the same procedure was approved by docs before she was incarcerated.Lusk wrote in the complaint: “I have been diagnosed with severe Gender Dysphoria.