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Church of England bishops back inquiry into gay conversion therapy

BISHOP – Two Church of England bishops have backed an inquiry into gay conversion therapy which will take evidence from people who have undergone the harmful practice.

Some religious groups continue to practice conversion therapy on LGBTQ+ people, despite evidence suggesting it is harmful.

The Sunday Times reports that the Church of England said they must welcome everyone, and that nobody is a “problem” or an “issue.”

The Ozanne Foundation, a charity that promotes equality and religious diversity, is preparing to launch a survey in the UK of people who have engaged with conversion therapy with the support of two senior bishops and leaders of other faith groups.


Story 2

Pro golfer Mel Reid comes out as gay

GOLFER – British pro golfer Mel Reid has publicly come out as gay.

The 31 year old, who has won the Ladies European Tour six times, said she is gay in an interview with Athlete Ally, which campaigns for LGBTQ+ inclusivity in sport.

Reid, who has been appointed as an ambassador for Athlete Ally, said: “I protected my sexuality for a long time because I thought I had to in order to help my career and to get more sponsors.

Reid also discussed being an openly gay player in the Ladies European tour, but added that there are certain countries she has played in where being gay is still against the law.


Story 3

Teacher fired for refusing to use transgender student’s pronouns

TEACHER – A Virginia high school teacher who refused to use a transgender student’s new pronouns has been fired.

News outlets report that the West Point School Board voted unanimously to dismiss Peter Vlaming after a four-hour hearing that drew an overflow crowd.

The school system said in a statement that Vlaming was fired for insubordination.

Over the summer, the ninth-grade student’s family informed the school system of the student’s gender transition to male.

The student wasn’t involved in Thursday’s hearing


Story 4

Italy blocks survey on homophobia

ITALY – The Italian government has blocked the distribution of a survey meant to research instances of homophobia, racism and sexism among young people after it was criticised for “promoting sexual fluidity.”

The anonymous survey, was meant to poll teenagers studying in the central Italian region of Umbria on a range of topics pertaining to gay rights

The survey however, made no mention of transgender issues—women’s rights and migration issues.

Survey respondents would be asked to indicate their nationality and that of their parents, their religious beliefs, political affiliation and sexual orientation.

There is no mention of gender identity—choosing between the options “exclusively heterosexual, predominantly heterosexual, bisexual, predominantly homosexual, exclusively homosexual, asexual.”


Story 5

Police offer 1 million dollar reward in Scott Johnson murder case

JOHNSON – Police in Australia are offering a $1 million reward to anybody who can come forward with information about the gay hate murder of Scott Johnson.

Johnson was just 27-years-old when he was found dead at the base of a cliff in Sydney, Australia, in December 1988.

The death was initially ruled a suicide, however last year, the state coroner ruled that he was actually the victim of a gay hate crime.

It is thought that he might have been pushed to his death by attackers, or might have fallen while trying to escape.

The $1 million reward will be paid if somebody comes forward with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.


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