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Indonesia uses exorcisms as conversion therapy

EXORCISM – The Indonesian city of Padang has detained 18 queer couples, as part of a campaign to ‘cure’ LGBTQ+ people through religious exorcisms.

According to BBC India, police have so far targeted 10 lesbian partners and eight transgender couples, for “psychological support and rehabilitation” in the capital city of West Sumatra.

This involves subjecting the couples to exorcisms, which often include physical violence and are based on the belief that homosexual and transgender people suffer from mental illnesses caused by demonic spirits.

It is believed that getting rid of these supernatural spirits by beating the victim with a broomstick and reading them holy verses will stop the person from being queer.

A TV show in the country called Ruqyah shows Islamic clerics performing exorcisms in order to ‘cure’ a variety of mental and physical ‘illnesses,’ including homosexuality and being transgender.


Story 2

Transgender boxer makes history with professional win

BOXER – Pat Manuel made history this weekend when he became the first transgender man to fight at a professional level in US boxing, also winning the fight.

Speaking after his victory, Manuel said: “It’s a funny thing when just living your truth becomes historic.”

Manuel had reportedly put off transitioning as he didn’t know what his future as a boxer would look like if he did.

The California State boxing commission was hesitant to allow him to fight, as it had never seen a case like his before.

However, when the Olympic Committee ruled ahead of the Rio Olympics in 2016 that female-to-male athletes could compete, he had his amateur licence approved.


Story 3

SonicFox crowned best esports player

SONICFOX – Gay black furry, Dominique “SonicFox” McLean, has won Best Esports Player at The Game Awards 2018.

The 20-year-old prompted rapturous applause by telling the audience in Los Angeles and millions of online viewers that he was “super gay” after accepting the award from actor Joel McHale.

The gamer, who won his fourth Evolution Championship Series title by triumphing in the Dragon Ball FighterZ section in August, added: “I wanna give a super shoutout to all my LGBTQ+ friends that have always helped me through life.”

Furries are people who enjoy dressing up in animal costumes, and McLean showed off his furry persona (fursona) by bringing his blue fox head and tail on stage before telling the watching public: “Obviously, I’m a furry, so shout out to the furries.

“Guess all I gotta really say is that I’m gay, black, a furry—pretty much everything a Republican hates—and the best esports player of the whole year, I guess. Thank you so much!”


Story 4

Premier league club fans make human Pride flag in stands

FLAG – Watford Football Club fans made an enormous LGBTQ+ Pride flag in the stands during their club’s Premier League match last weekend.

The club’s LGBTQ+ fan group Proud Hornets, posted about the human-Pride flag on Twitter, including a video of the moment at the stadium.

The Pride-themed gesture was inspired by Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign.

The campaign has been marked by the majority of clubs in the Premier League in recent weeks.

Watford Football Club unfortunately lost the match against Manchester City.


Story 5

GLAAD president says Hart should still have hosted Oscars

HART – GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis has criticized Kevin Hart for stepping down as the host of the 2019 Academy Awards.

Saying that Hart could have shown his growth by remaining the host and bringing awareness to LGBTQ+ issues.

In an interview with CNN, Ellis said GLAAD was hoping Hart would have used the hosting gig as a “teachable moment” for both himself and the nation at large.

Hart was announced as Oscars host on December 4, but soon after he was called out on social media for his history of homophobic jokes.

Ellis said that Hart stepping down “isn’t the conclusion I think everyone would have liked,” and she remained clear the door is always open at GLAAD should Hart want to discuss the controversy.