A Spanish doctor was riding the metro in Madrid when he noticed a troubling scene — a fellow passenger was “completely riddled” with monkeypox lesions, “from head to toe, including his hands.” What happened next was equally troubling.Dr.

Arturo M Henriques posted the story in a series of tweets, which were translated and have since gone viral.“I see the situation and I also see the people around me as if nothing will happen,” he wrote.The doctor decided to “become a Karen” (his words, not ours) and approached the man, who said his own doctor advised him he didn’t need to isolate, and to simply wear a mask.Monkeypox, Spain: Dr tells of spotting this monkeypox infected on the underground train and telling them to isolate immediately: they responded saying they don’t have to as their Dr told them that, and that monkeypox is gay only pic.twitter.com/j7kICZi7jF— Chris Turnbull (@EnemyInAState) July 31, 2022“I tell him that the injuries all over his body are what are most contagious,” Henriques said. “That I am a doctor and that he possibly did not understand all the indications of his family doctor…”According to the World Health Organization, “monkeypox is transmitted to humans through close contact with an infected person,” primarily through “close contact with lesions.”The man brushed off Henriques, so the doctor turned to the other passengers closest to him.

He asked a woman seated next to the infected man if she was not worried about contracting the disease.“How am I going to [get] it if I’m not gay?” she responded.The woman elaborated that the “government said that it was the gays who had to take care of themselves.”Accenting this part of the story with a couple of well-placed face palm emojis, the doctor said he decided.