Anyone who’s attended a big Pride event is familiar with the pests that are homophobic protesters. They grab their little speakers and megaphones to go yell about hell or children or whatever at people who are just out trying to have a nice time.This week, two men decided to handle a homophobic street preacher in a way that we can only hope becomes the blueprint for Prides to come.Justin M.

and Sebastien Dufour could hear this bigot spewing his hate all the way up in their living room on Sunday. When they heard he’d be back the next day, they “decided to get creative” with how to deal with him.Related: This guy saw 7 antigay protesters outside a church, so he called a few friends for helpSure enough the man was back on Monday, blaring things like “That guy supports child molesters!” at random passersby.Homophobic street preachers have returned to Toronto’s Church-Wellesley Village just in time for Pride Month.