Are you amped for Pretoria Pride on 5 October, but still in two minds about the outfit you’ll be wearing for the event?

Don’t forget, GaySA Radio will be hosting a best-dressed competition just before the march starts at 13:00, and prizes worth more than R30,000 will be awarded to a few lucky winners. If there’s one event you really should pull all the stops out for, it’s this one.

In the spirit of this year’s theme, “Who’s Your Superhero?” we’ve taken a closer look at five prominent LGBTQI+ superheroes, for your outfit-scouting perusal.

Green Lantern

DC Comics rewrote the original Green Lantern as a gay man in 2012, but the character first took a stance against homophobia in a 2001 storyline about hate crimes. Take note: this Green Lantern isn’t the same guy played by Ryan Reynolds in the eponymous film, and the costume he wears is a little different.


Also played by Ryan Reynolds in the film franchise, Deadpool is openly pansexual, with his creator, Gerry Duggan saying that this hero would “do anything with a pulse”, when asked about the character’s sexuality by a fan in 2013.


As lesbian icon Ruby Rose appears as Batwoman in a TV series that premiers the day after Pretoria Pride, this may prove a popular outfit at this year’s event.


Created by Aftershock Comics, Chalice is one of just a handful of transgender superheroes. First introduced in 2016, the Alters series in which Chalice appears garnered praise for featuring characters who, despite being marginalised, rise above their challenges for the greater good.

Wonder Woman

Confirmed to be queer by Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka in 2016, no one was really surprised to find out that this Amazonian warrior princess likes both men and women.