Elliot Page’s real-life transition was reflected in an early season 3 episode of Netflix’s when his character reintroduced himself as Viktor Hargreeves.

Page publicly shared in December 2020 that he was transgender and would use he/him pronouns. In March of this year, Netflix confirmed with a photo that Page’s character, who had been known as Vanya and used she/her pronouns for the first two seasons, would now be Viktor and use he/him pronouns.Even with another world-ending apocalypse looming large within the world of, the series dealt a sensitive hand in crafting Viktor’s onscreen transition story.

According to Netflix, showrunner/executive producer Steve Blackman worked closely with GLAAD, author Thomas Page McBee and Page for guidance in telling Viktor’s transition storyline and ensure it be told authentically and sensitively.In the season’s second episode, following a dramatic showdown with the Sparrows that left the Umbrella crew displaced and uncertain of their place within the new world order (of their own doing), Page’s Viktor made the decision to embrace his true self — cutting his hair, the first sign of him being free.His revelation, of sorts, came after he learned that his love, Sissy (played by Marin Ireland in season 2), later died in 1989 — a memory of a key conversation they shared flashing before him as he pondered his purpose. (At this point in the story, he still went by Vanya.) «You don’t even notice that the box that you’re in, until someone comes along and lets you out,» Sissy’s words floating through his mind as he stepped into the barbershop.A post shared by @elliotpageWhen he later arrived at Hotel Obsidian — the Umbrella’s new HQ for season 3 — Viktor, with a new look, reintroduced himself to.