The Steam Room is broadcast on GaySA Radio every Wednesday from 19:00 to 21:00, and is brought to you by the National Department of Health’s Phila programme.

The Phila programme encourages all South Africans to be inspired to live, and is about keeping fit, knowing about your health and body, eating well and taking action about your health in general.

In episode 10 of the Steam Room, we take a look back at some of the highlights featured in the previous nine episodes of season 1 of The Steam Room.

How is The Steam Room produced?

Ethan Baird, an executive producer of the Steam Room, gave us a peek into the inner workings of The Steam Room, and there’s no doubt that putting this show together is a mammoth task.

“The Steam Room is quite a hectic show to produce,” says Baird.

“It’s a three-hour radio show, with about an hour to an hour-and-a-half’s content, depending on each show, and it has so many parts.

“So, basically, there’s a couple of different segments that are stock-standard in every episode. We have this concept called Vox Pops, which is basically when you ask real people their opinion on certain topics. The Steam Room always starts off with an introduction, and then you go into the vox pops. That, in itself, is a whole task to get done because you have to interview people who are interesting and have interesting things to say.”

“Then we had to find different experts and get their interviews. We have a whole radio play every single week and that required us actually hiring out some freelance actors. Recording that entire thing, editing it down, adding all the sound effects, all the music – there’s a lot. And then other production recordings included things like event interviews and various other interesting little segments we did… and all kinds of different experimental content that we had to do.”

“That’s excluding the entire scripting process, which we had to outsource, the recording of those scripts for the narration, finding the narrators and getting them a time to record. So it’s a huge, huge process to record, produce and cut up The Steam Room, and then there’s still all of the post-processing that needs to happen to turn it into a podcast, to get in on to YouTube.”

Who is involved in putting together The Steam Room?

The Steam Room is made up of various segments, requiring the expertise of a great many people. Baird explains that, aside from certain tasks that are outsourced, the GaySA Radio team utilises almost all its resources to put together The Steam Room.

“It’s not just me who did this. It’s myself, kind of overseeing the entire process, Rei (Williams) sourcing a lot of the content, some of the internal people doing other interviews as well and then we have a guy at the station, Pieter (Henning), who’s responsible for making sure that all of the stuff gets podcasted and put on all the different platforms. So – I’m really out of breath – there’s a lot that needs to happen to make The Steam Room a reality.”

GaySA Radio would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the experts, script writers, voice artists, actors and participants who contributed to making The Steam Room the groundbreaking series that is has turned out to be. That wraps up season 1, but if you feel like your appetite has only just been whetted for the salacious and controversial content that has become a hallmark of The Steam Room, fear not: season 2 is on its way. Keep an eye on the GaySA Radio Facebook page for news about episode 11, and remember to tune in to GaySA Radio – where you are family.

In episode 10 of The Steam Room, you’ll get to listen to the stories behind some of the content featured in season 1. To get some interesting, arousing, amusing, and sometimes unsettling background information about the radio plays and segments featured in The Steam Room, click on the link below to listen to the full episode.