It seems like these gay Texas conservatives have finally figured out that maybe, just maybe, the GOP will never be on their side.Despite their decades of trying to advocate for queer Texans in the republican party, the Texas Log Cabin Republicans have never so much as been allowed a booth at the Texas GOP Convention.Now, after years of its being removed, anti-LGBTQ language has been reinstated to the Texas GOP platform, dashing the little progress the party had made in recent years.In a new article out of the Texas Tribune, former Texas Log Cabin Republican leadership has spoken on the party’s time with the greater Texas GOP and the reasons they finally gave up the ghost.The party’s first president, Paul von Wupperfeld, admits that they “failed to moderate the Republican party.”“I’m glad we tried, and I think we did the right thing by trying,” von Wupperfeld states. “We’re actually going the other way, faster and faster.”Though he helped start this republican organization, von Wupperfeld says he hasn’t voted republican since 2000.“I didn’t believe it could succeed anymore.

I sort of lost hope and got tired of the drama and the fighting internally and the fighting within the party.”Related: Ted Cruz tries to mock queer people by announcing his new pronouns, looks like a complete idiot insteadDale Carpenter, the president who succeeded von Wupperfeld, thinks about as highly of the course the organization has taken as his former does.“I do not believe that we made any progress,” Carpenter concedes. “In fact, I think the party got worse.”“[The party’s] views have not changed, but the wider cultures have.