Since it hit HBO Max in 2020, Legendary has been helping bring ballroom excellence to the world stage. Along with things like foundational text Paris is Burning and hit series Pose, Legendary is another scratch at the surface of the Black queer-originated space that is the ballroom scene.Legendary reached its finally this week and the Superior House is no surprise.

After winning five of the nine episodes leading up to the finale, the House of Juicy Couture were destined for the grand prize.Looking at Juicy Couture’s iconic, scream-inducing performances all season, it’s clear that their finale spot is well-deserved.

Here’s a trip down the best of Juicy Couture this season.Juicy Couture had fine showings in their Grand March and Animal Queendom performances, but the way they slayed the Whorror House ball in episode four woke the girls UP.