Oh, brother. Here we go again.Melania Trump‘s murdered rose garden is back in the news. As is that rug she was reportedly photographing while armed civilians sent by her husband stormed the U.S.

Capitol on January 6 and sh*t all over the floors.Related: Megyn Kelly thinks rioters “defecating on the floor of the U.S.

Capitol” wasn’t that big a dealThe new 60th anniversary edition of “The White House: An Historic Guide” was just released and it reveals photos of all the updates to the People’s House made by recent administrations, including Laura Bush’s redo of the Lincoln Bedroom, the Obamas renovation of the Treaty Room, and a first look at several of Melania Trump’s contributions.Per The Washington Post:All presidential families leave their mark on the White House, although they don’t know how long their design changes will stay in place.