The Spider-Man character makes his friend of Dorothy debut as “Web-Weaver”, a gay fashion designer fighting crime in a McQueen-inspired, lash-laden supersuit:Web-Weaver my design for the brand new Spider, debuting in Edge of Spider-verse 5— krisanka (@kristaferanka) June 23, 2022Something I realized immediately when conceiving Web-Weaver is that he can’t–and shouldn’t–represent ALL gay men.

No single character can.His fearlessly femme identity is central to who he is, but it’s not the STORY…which you can experience for yourself in September!️— Steve Foe Updates (@steve_foxe) June 27, 2022Spider-Man has had a choke-hold on the gay community for decades.

Even before heartthrob actors started bring the hero to the big screen, the lythe, lycra-clad lad with nothing but quippy one-liners and a cool $3 in his bank account has been a queer crowd favorite.Related: Andrew Garfield opines on straight actors playing gay roles in the most Andrew Garfield way imaginableIt’s not just the audience that has felt the fruit apparent in the Spider-Man universe — actors on Spider-Man film sets are constantly in favor of their characters to make queer turns.Andrew Garfield famously wanted to get Michael B.