2022 Ford Bronco plants a big foot despite gas prices CASEY WILLIAMS | Auto reviewerAutoCasey@AOL.com Could there be a vehicle more out of touch with our era of high fuel prices and emerging electric vehicles than the 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak Sasquatch edition?

Well, maybe if you drove a heavy duty pickup for your daily city commute. But it’s simply ridiculous as it guzzles gallons of gasoline like they’re martinis at the club. ……………… 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak Four-passenger, 4WD SUVPowertrain: 2.7-liter T-I6, 10-spd transOutput: 315hp/410 lb.-ft.

torqueSuspension f/r: Ind/Solid axleWheels f/r: 17-inch/17-inch alloyBrakes f/r: disc/discMust-have features: Style, PowerTowing: 3,500 lbs0-60 mph: 5.9s.Fuel economy: 19/20 mpg city/hwyAssembly: Wayne, MIBase/As-tested price: $30,800/$53,650 ……………… And yet, it’s about the most awesome SUV rolling.