film festivals now behind us, a new inductee into the billion-dollar box office club, and Oscar prognosticators beginning to buzz, the BuzzFeed Streaming Team took this opportunity to compile some of our favorite movie titles to land in theaters and streaming (so far).Some themes that emerged: strong ensemble casts, dystopian near-futures, midlife crises, and insisting (*nails on a chalkboard sound*) “you must see it on the big screen.” Also, FWIW, Jenny Slate, Colin Farrell, and Zoë Kravitz popped up in two or more films on this list.

Congrats to them. Before you read our full list below, please note we only considered titles that had wide releases at the time of writing.

So, unfortunately, beloved films out of Cannes (e.g. Triangle of Sadness, Funny Pages, Showing Up, and Broker) did not qualify — but could likely be added at a later date.