It’s a well-documented fact that baseball pants are ideal for showing off a player’s assets, but it’s rare to see those assets perform at the very highest level of athletic achievement.In a clip from a recent Oakland A’s vs.

Tampa Bay Rays game, player Sean Murphy showcases this assleticism at its finest.Murphy was up to bat, and when a pitch veered more than a little off target, he popped out his derrière with surgical precision to collide with the ball and score a free base.Here it is in slow— ? (@PadresGeekster) April 11, 2022After captivating Twitter’s attention and racking up hundreds of thousands of likes, the clip continued to live on with some creative edits:I hate myself so much for laughing at this as hard as I did.— Austin (@AustinPlanet) April 12, 2022Felt like something was missing— Karaoke Khonshu (@StevSkabino) April 12, 2022One entranced viewer even felt called to write a poem about it:I wrote a poem about this pitch called 99mph Assball ⚾.