Texas embarrassment Ted Cruz has once again supplied detractors with top tier dunking fodder.Cruz unveiled a new identity at a Turning Point event on Friday, saying, “I’m Ted Cruz, and my pronoun is ‘kiss my a**’.”I’m Ted Cruz, and my pronoun is… “kiss my ass”!#SAS2022 @TPUSA pic.twitter.com/G8n82uh2CH— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) July 23, 2022And you know what?

Sure, let’s go with that!After all, the last thing we would want to do is disrespect kiss a** pronouns. Kiss my a** may be an ignorant, spineless, hypocritical mess, but if Cruz wants to go by kiss my a**, who are we to hold the senator back from such a passion?Related: Ted Cruz says Supreme Court “clearly wrong” on same-sex marriage rulingFolks over on Twitter weren’t quite as gracious to these new pronouns, but also acknowledged that Cruz’s a** identity is nothing new.i guess enough people have said “kiss my ass ted cruz” at this point that he figured it would be easier this way https://t.co/h2cryMhztP— Kenny Logins (@KennethLogins) July 23, 2022So, Ted Cruz, in speaking to students, pretended to some fake machismo, attacking his imaginary enemies by taunting them to “kiss my ass,” even though Cruz is a spineless coward who grovels at Trump’s feet & obediently kisses Trump’s ass.— Charles Campisi (@1813Doncarlo) July 23, 2022Every media outlet that interviews Ted Cruz, from now on, MUST show “Ted Cruz (Kiss My Ass), R- Tex.” on the chyron.His rules.— Keith Fitzgerald (@keithmfitz) July 23, 2022“Well, I’m Ted Cruz, and my pronoun is kiss my ass.”No, Ted, you syphilitic chode, if anything your pronoun is “ass kisser”.As in, “Donald Trump called my wife ugly and I’m still kissing his ass every chance I get.