7 October 2019

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Written by on 7 October 2019

“So what is it with this LBTG… uhm, I mean LGBT…is it an I…? or is it GLBTQ? Dammit, what is it?!” It seems everyone has a different way of stringing together the letters that make up the LGBTQ+ acronym and it usually ends in a question mark, as no-one seems exactly sure which version […]

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30 July 2018

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6 LGBTQI+ young adult books everyone should read

Written by on 30 July 2018

For many young people just becoming aware of their sexuality, being exposed to stories that feel like their own can be a comfort and a refuge at the same time. In this regard, books that focus on young adult readers can prove invaluable but, of course, that doesn’t mean that older adults aren’t allowed to […]

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17 July 2018

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LGBT emojis: A picture paints a thousand words

Written by on 17 July 2018

The meteoric rise of the emoji in the past few years has been astounding, to say the least. What started as a humble list of 176 pictorial representations of emotions, designed by the Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita for mobile phones and pagers in 1999 (this collection now forms a part of the Museum of Modern […]

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7 July 2018

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5 iconic LGBTQ+ kisses that made television history

Written by on 7 July 2018

Whether it’s the initial awkward, fumbling kind, or the kind that is like the first bit of kindling that ignites a wildfire, or the kind that makes you feel like you’re home, kisses are a downright delight to the senses. If you’re a seasoned smoocher, you’ll be glad to hear that kissing also holds definite […]

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27 June 2018

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Commemorating Stonewall, the birthplace of Pride

Written by on 27 June 2018

June has become known as Pride month, and every June, numerous Pride marches and parades are held in many countries around the world. As June draws to a close, we also commemorate the Stonewall demonstrations that took place in the early hours of 28 June 1969 at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, New York […]

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This is a picture of the Boston Gay Mens Chorus on stage, with their arms stretched out above them. There are rainbow coloured lights on the stage.

19 June 2018

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Is there any point to having LGBTQ+ media?

Written by on 19 June 2018

In recent months, an influential LGBTQ+ leader has seemingly been conducting a campaign against some of the South African LGBTQ+ media. Using the hashtag #notmymedia, attacks have specifically been launched against GaySA Radio, the new LGBTQ+ media kid on the block, as well as against the well established and respected These attacks have been [...] Read More