Current Biology, the study includes an analysis of the genitals of 11 female bottlenose dolphins that had died naturally. Scientists discovered that the dolphins’ clitorises had erectile tissue structures with many blood vessels and nerves right beneath the skin.The researchers concluded that due to these elements being present — similar in human clitorises — the dolphins must get pleasure from the area.Patricia Brennan, the lead author of the study and a biologist at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, told The New Scientist that the discovery makes sense because of the amount of sex that dolphins have.“We know that dolphins have sex all the time,” Brennan said. “They have sex for social reasons, not just for reproduction.

It makes sense that the clitoris would be functional [and give pleasure when stimulated].”She adds that the dolphins’ sex isn’t just for reproduction.

Researchers have found dolphins have sex all year round, not only when they are ready for pregnancy.“And not only do they have sex all the time, they have a lot of homosexual sex as well,” Brennan said.