Drag Race, it seemed all but certain that “Total Ru-quest Live” was Shea Couleé’s to lose. With an ear for music and the choreography to back it up, the Chicago queen has dominated musical challenges throughout the competition, destroying her “Category Is…” verse in season 9, winning for her “I’m In Love!” ode to Chadwick Boseman, and opening All Stars 7 on a “legendary” high note.Of course she turned it out for girl group M.S.T.R.’s performance of “Titanic”—that reference to Britney Spears referencing Rose DeWitt Bukater was brilliant—but somehow it wasn’t enough.

Despite high praise from the judges, they ultimately passed on rewarding Shea with another Legendary Legend star, leaving us to wonder: How???Well, Shea Couleé has some theories!

During our recent catch-up with the queen, she shared another approach to the challenge that really would’ve taken the judges by surprise.