A woman who unwittingly caused drama at her gay cousin’s engagement dinner has shared her story online, and wants to know if she handled the situation well.Posting to the popular AITA (Am I The A**hole?) forum on Reddit, user Antelope_Future shared the unfortunate experience.She explained she was very close with her cousin growing up and “so happy” to be invited to the dinner.

At the urging of both her cousin and aunt, she brought along her new boyfriend, whom she assumed would also be her date to the wedding.“The first part of the dinner went well,” she wrote, but, “things went south after the main course was served.”“My bf made a comment about how he doesn’t understand why gay people feel the need to get married and they make too much of a fuss over it when they aren’t ~really~ married in gods eyes anyways.

The table went silent and my cousin looked understandably hurt. This was a shock to me. I hadn’t been dating him long but we had never discussed religion and he certainly never said anything like this.