Having survived teen shame and the Aids crisis, the Broadway actor – and erstwhile escort – is now blazing a trail for silver sexuality

There were things in the first draft of his memoir, says David Pevsner, that his editor thought were “maybe TMI, maybe a bridge too far”. I can’t begin to imagine what was deemed unacceptable, because there is TMI – sample line: “I have always been a copious ejaculator” – on just about every page of Damn Shame, an entertaining, touching and absolutely filthy book. My goodness, the filth! “There is that,” he says with a laugh.

Pevsner describes himself, self-deprecatingly, as “a minor player in the entertainment biz”; he’s had small roles in big TV dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family, and bigger roles in small ones. He has been on Broadway, touring productions and off-Broadway hits. He’s not a well-known face, though if you’re a subscriber to his OnlyFans account, where he shares erotic photos and videos of himself, you will be very familiar with his body; Pevsner is, I believe, the only person I’ve interviewed whose erection I have seen. Along the way, to supplement his theatre salary, he has been an escort and a “naked maid”, which had things in common with sex work while also including vacuuming (not a euphemism). He appears, smiling and charming (and dressed), over Zoom from his home in Los Angeles.

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