A Spanish prosecutor has proposed an eight-year prison sentence for global pop icon Shakira, and fans are ready to go full Shawshank to save her.Shakira is being relentlessly targeted over a tiny, barely consequential tax fraud case (is 14.5 million euros really that much in the grand scheme of things)?On top of that, the Colombian superstar contends that she didn’t even live in Spain from 2012-2014, the period of her supposed tax evasion.Related: J Lo and Shakira took everyone to queer church and Gay Twitter™ is having a religious meltdownFan reactions to this latest sentence proposal ranged from indignance to immediate jailbreak readiness.Here’s just a few of the brave stans fighting for her freedom:me distracting the guards so shakira can make a run for itpic.twitter.com/KRcvwWE7NO https://t.co/qnA8yFUNy1— erin (@iputarsenic) July 29, 2022me arriving at shakira’s prison in barcelona to free her pic.twitter.com/oMuJIXNIT9 https://t.co/YGQIcME41Y— virgo’s groove (@lovedrawght) July 29, 2022We know it’s the apocalypse when Shakira is going to wind up in prison and Trump is dancing on stage.— Buddy Winston (@BuddyWinston) July 29, 2022Shakira decided to fight for her innocence, get them queen, every single one of them.— Hoodie (@HoodieTheSequel) July 29, 2022me distracting the guards so shakira can sneak out of jail pic.twitter.com/s6Pw7z5wUP— mooteabh | former minor (@bamchaen) July 29, 2022Shakira: “YOUR HONOUR I DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG!”*The Court Murmurs when suddenly the doors burst open and in come some hips*Shakira’s Hips: “SHE HAS DONE TAX FRAUD SHE IS LYING AND I CAN PROVE IT!”Shakira: “Shit” https://t.co/WubQR2rOwx— Adam Peakall. (@ADAM_PEAKALL) July 29, 2022me breaking into spanish prison to free shakira.