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Sean Penn is “glad” he is old and won’t have to “deal with” where the world is heading in the near future.

The 61-year-old actor admits he feels “frustrated” with how things are going in life, and believes one of the main issues around the globe is people are too quick to say things they don’t necessarily mean to make them look good.

He said: “I’m a little frustrated with the world. I’m glad I’m old and won’t be having to deal with where this stuff is going.

“We give too much of a s*** about what we are going to be accused of by people who want to be self-righteous because they can get a quick reward.

“And they’re self-righteous hypocritically – they damn this, but don’t worry about why kids are being bombed in Yemen, because it’s not getting them into a club right away.”

Sean’s latest directorial project has seen him helm movie ‘Flag Day’, which is based on Jennifer Vogel’s 2004 memoir ‘Flim-Flam Man : a true family history’ about her bank robber and conman father John Vogel.

Penn portrays John in the motion picture, and he cast his daughter Dylan Penn, 30 – who he shares with ex-wife Robin Wright – as Jennifer, but admitted he pushed her quite hard “emotionally” at times during filming.

He added to the i newspaper: “Very early on, it was her face that I was attaching to [the role].

“At one point, I almost felt I should be calling child protective services on myself for putting her through it emotionally.”

In October, Sean’s wife Leila George filed for divorce just over a year after they married in July 2020.

The news came after it was previously claimed Sean – who also has son Hopper, 28, with Robin – had to “win back” Leila after their romance began as an on/off relationship in 2016 and continued for several years until the last time they went their separate ways, which prompted the actor to “work hard” on fixing their bond.