Different From The Others, a short film created in protest of the country’s Paragraph 175, which made homosexuality a criminal offense.

Through its story of a violinist (Conrad Veidt) who falls in love with his student (Fritz Schulz), Oswald’s work is often cited as the the world’s first pro-gay film.Related: Strangers By The Lake: 10 sexy, queer lakeside stories perfect for a summer watchOver 100 years later, the impact of Different From The Others on global cinema cannot be overstated, especially in Germany, where it paved the way for a number of sexy, thought-provoking, and boundary-breaking queer-themed movies.

In the past 20 years alone, a number of fantastic gay features have come from German filmmakers that you might have missed.Here’s a list of 5 excellent gay, German films you can add to your watch lists.Center Of My World is a dysfunctional family dramedy with a sweet and sexy gay romance at its center.