BBC.In a social media post on Wednesday, the company said it understands the ad could “be perceived as insensitive and offensive.” The ad was meant to feature Samsung’s new wearable products such as its noise-canceling earphones as well as a smartwatch with a heart rate monitor.

In the commercial, several people listen to messages from loved ones. One of the pairs includes a mother in her headscarf who listens to a message from her son, a drag artist.“Dear mother, not many will have such an understanding and open-minded mom like you, and my heart can’t thank you enough.

You are just unbothered having people looking or judging you differently, having a son that does drag,” the son tells his mother.In a video on Instagram, the drag artist featured in the ad, known as Vyla Virus, said it was nothing more than an example of a mother’s devotion to her child.“It’s all about mother’s love in that video, nothing else was mentioned but nonetheless thank you so much for the concern and I love you guys so much.