likely weren’t told anything about LGBT+ relationships.Section 28 forbade ‘the promotion of homosexuality’ in schools, meaning generations of young people weren’t told about the ins and outs of their own sexual health.And even after the statute was repealed, not all students have had access to the diverse and inclusive sex education they need.In my school years, I put a condom on a model penis and got a brief glimpse of a dental dam, but not much by way of explanation on what they were.

The most prevalent STIs were listed, but not who’s most at risk or how they’re transmitted.These gaps in guidance that prioritise penetration can leave women who have sex with women in the dark.

We know to use condoms on penises, but what about protecting ourselves during oral, for example? Whether you know your stuff or are still getting to grips with your sexual health, here’s what you should have been taught (and probably weren’t) about sexual health for lesbians and bisexual women.