After the very popular and successful first RuPaul Drag Race Inspired Quiz Night at Grounded Bistro in Greenpoint, the good news is that the quiz is about to get hosted for a second time.

There was at least one team at the first RuPaul Drag Race Quiz Night at Grounded Bistro who thought they knew it all and that they would walk away with the crown. Their mounting dismay at their complete lack of knowledge was amusing to watch as the night progressed, with this thoroughly beaten team taking their loss in their stride, vowing to do better next time.

The winning team, of course, got every single question right, quite the achievement when noting the difficulty level of the questions. Serious Drag Race questions aside, it certainly is a fun night with local drag talent performing and asking the questions in certain categories. More drag queens have been lined up for the second edition, and even those who cannot attend (like famed Betty Bangles) sent messages of support.

A number of local drag queens will once again grace us with their presence. Lilly Slappitsilly has a special invitation for you to join.


Make sure you join this un night. Check out the event on Facebook to book tickets.