A post shared by Ross Mathews (@helloross) Ross Mathews clapped back against an internet user who accused him over the weekend of cultivating a “fake … gay voice.”“At what age did you start using the “gay voice”?” the Twitter used tweeted. “Because that is NOT the voice you were born with.

Why do you need to speak gay?? It’s so fake. Can’t you be gay and still speak normal?”Many gay men are self-conscious about ways by which they might present themselves that mark them out as “gay”.

This can include their voices. In 2014, a whole documentary was made on the issue, entitled Do I Sound Gay? It explored how internalized homophobia can lead some men to alter the way they speak, depending on who they’re around.Mathews, who married his partner Wellinthon Garcia in Puerto Vallarta earlier this month, was quick to shoot the criticism down.Related: Ross Mathews marries partner Wellinthon Garcia in Puerto Vallarta“This is my voice.