video to the right-wing platform Rumble. In the video — which touches on a number of topics and conspiracy theories popular among the right-wing, including the Religious Right and people with anti-government views — Jackson starts off with a rant about Pride Month, calling homosexuality “unnatural” and “disgusting.”In the video, first flagged in a June 7 rundown by Right Wing Watch, a project of People for the American Way that reports on right-wing falsehoods and extremism, Jackson urges Christians to speak out against homosexuality as sinful and even to ridicule it.

He says Christians must do this in order to get their message across that fornication of any kind — including homosexual behavior — is immoral and counter to God’s plan.“Pride Month is in full swing,” Jackson says. “I think it would be deliciously ironic and eternally entertaining if God comes back today, gets us up out of here, and then burns the whole place down.

It would be amazing, not only because it would be just and righteous and deserving, but because everybody who celebrates this godlessness — which is very few, by the way — most people are doing it because they are coerced.