One Reddit user met Mr. Wrong online, and the way he got stood up has other Redditors up in arms. As the guy explained on the r/gay subreddit, he arranged to meet his date at a boba shop, but his date walked right by him with nary a word.A screenshot of their text convo tells the rest of the story.

In that thread, our hero confirms he’s the one wearing the gray hoodie in the boba shop. And Prince Not-So-Charming replies, “Ugh ew no thanks,” and adds cat and fish emojis.

While walking into a boba shop to meet my date today.. he sent me this then walked by me silently.. At least I still got my boba though from gay As Grey Hoodie explained in the comments of his post, his date messaged him later on Instagram to accuse him of catfishing about his height, even though Grey Hoodie was always upfront about being 5-foot-7. “We had sent pics all week for the last two weeks.