Love Island villa. After seeing it, she issued a stark warning to others and told them: “I swear on my little brother’s life that I saw it.

Whether you want to believe it or not is up to you.”Other contestants are now convinced they are living alongside a ghost in the villa.Asked if she thinks the spirit exists, Paige Thorne, 24, said: “Yeah, I do, actually.”Here Daily Star looks at other reality favourites who have crossed paths with a ghost.Finding fame on Gogglebox before winning I’m A Celebrity in 2016, Scarlett says she has opened her “third eye” to let in spirits – one which even looked like Deal or No Deal host Noel Edmonds!She reveals: “I’ve seen lots of ghosts as a kid.

I didn’t have many friends and think ghosts knew that.“I’m not scared of ghosts because I think they’re a bit like the emergency services – they arrive when you need them – one really looked like Noel Edmonds.”Scottish singer Susan has seen the ghost of her late mum Bridget in the former council house they shared in Blackburn, West Lothian.The 2009 Britain’s Got Talent runner-up said the experience gave her peace after feeling “abandoned” when her mum died in 2007.She says: “I’ve seen my mother in the house – she wasn’t troubled.