Raveena is here to share more of her spiritual journey. Earlier this year, the American singer-songwriter released her sophomore studio album, Asha’s Awakening, to universal critical acclaim for exploring her South Asian heritage and the eclectic mix of dance-friendly R&B anthems and smooth ballads.

In her cover story for GAY TIMES, which coincides with the third annual South Asian Heritage Month in the UK, Raveena says she wants her music to resonate with “everyone” and not just “Brown people”. “I hope that non-South Asian people who love my music will just see how I’m inspired by both of the cultures I was raised in,” Raveena explains. “The West and the East, it’s very much the marrying of the two.

I love so many parts of Western culture, specifically genres like R&B, soul and pop. I would want them to know it’s not some mystical, very foreign thing.