The Daily Mail reports. The bags containing their remains were found 17 miles apart.One of the women’s bodies was found in the San Agustín neighborhood, while the other’s body was located in Jesus Carranza village.Family members told the news outlet El Diario that they had seen the couple last on Saturday, January 15.Karen Arvizo of the Chihuahua Committee for Sexual Diversity told The Daily Mail the two were married in 2021 and were raising three children.

Arvizo said she’s concerned the killings will go unsolved like many involving LGBTQ+ people.“The concern is that authorities will absolutely do nothing,” Arvizo said. “We feel like we are treated like second-class citizens and that we really don’t matter.”The area near Juárez is known for its grisly history as well.

Between 1993 and 2005, as many as 400 or so killings occurred, which drew international attention because of the perceived inaction of the Mexican government to prevent the violence and bring those involved in the killings to justice.