Singer and Texan Todrick Hall kicked off Pride Month with the Wednesday release of his new album Algorhythm. The 80s-inspired record features the singles ‘”Breath,” “Dance Forever,” “Pre-Madonna,” the anthem “Gay Excellence” and the club-ready “Sorry Barbie.” The cover also alludes to Janet Jackson’s Control album.

Algorhythm marks a new chapter in Hall’s discography where he gives focus to more soulful vocal performances, such as the album’s flagship single “Breath.” Touted as “Purple Rain”-inspired, the ballad shows Hall’s attempts at venturing away from his signature high-energy music. “Algorhythm is an ’80s inspired record that while still being on brand with my most popular work, it reveals a side of my voice I have never accessed in my previous music,” Hall said in a press release. “I want this album to get back to good traditional music, no gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors, just great music, beats and rhythms.

My goal is not to create a replica of ’80s music but an evolution of my music infused with nostalgic instrumentation.” The album is written by Hall with Jeeve and Wiidope, the former having worked with Giorgio Moroder and Bruno Mars.