Manchester, on Wednesday.When she went to use the bathroom, she chose the one labelled ‘inclusive’ with a sign depicting a male, a female and a mix of the two.She claims to have walked in on a man using a urinal, who she would have had to pass to get to a cubicle.Sarahjane, who researches patient safety at Staffordshire University, later tweeted about her bathroom experience saying: ‘This is not an example of inclusively!

And is wholly unacceptable.’More than 1,000 people have since commented on the post, with one commentator calling it ‘insane’ and another writing: ‘Funny how this inclusion always excludes women’.The museum has since confirmed it accidentally labelled this gender-neutral toilet as ‘inclusive’ when it was supposed to be just for men.While the museum does indeed offer gender-neutral facilities, these bathrooms are typically made up of cubicles for privacy – and no urinals.But workers had to ‘adapt the space’ used for the HRA event and a male bathroom was incorrectly labelled as gender-neutral, a spokesperson said.

The HRA said it has apologised to Sarahjane ‘for the distress caused’ and explained that it had requested for the museum to be made ‘inclusive of all genders’.A spokesperson for the public body said: ‘The signs were replaced as soon as we became aware of the issue. ‘We have discussed with the venue.