While death threats aren’t anything new to gay state Senator Scott Wiener, they took a decidedly chilling turn June 12 when he received an email telling him bombs had been placed in his home and office. “We placed bombs in his office and his house,” the email read. “You bastards all deserve to die.”Police, using bomb-sniffing dogs, searched the senator’s house and offices in San Francisco and Sacramento Sunday morning but turned up nothing.Both the San Francisco Police Department and California Highway Patrol are investigating the threat, Officer Kathryn Winters, public information officer for SFPD, told the Bay Area Reporter.”This is an ongoing investigation which is being handled by the California Highway Patrol and the San Francisco Police Department Special Investigations Division, and we work with agencies such as the CHP in response to incidents such as this,” Winters said.

While he’s received threats before, Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat, said this one was different.”It’s scary, and definitely a first,” Wiener told the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday afternoon. “I couldn’t go home for a few hours until the bomb-sniffing dogs left.”Wiener told the B.A.R.

that incidents like this happen because of his work on behalf of LGBTQ people. “I’ve been getting death threats for years as a result of our work to advance the civil rights of LGBTQ people and people living with HIV,” Wiener wrote in an email. “I’m not going to stop doing that work no matter what threats people make.