April 25, 2019  /  GaySA Radio

The Pride Shelter Trust is 8 years old and every year they hold a market day to raise funds for their operations. Hendrik was there and spoke to several stall holders, as well as to the Jan who oversees the day to day running of this shelter for LGBTQ+ persons in Cape Town.

She speaks a little about the history of the Trust and the kind of people they have helped. You can support them by making a donation on www.pridesheltertrust.com.

Lea and Sue-Marie are a married couple and they make various products for the community. Their business is called Upsidedown Marshmallow and they have a lovely range of pride products. You can find them on social media at upsidedownmarshmallow or email them at upsidedownmarshmallow@gmail.com

John-George is from De Fijnbos Nursery and Landscaping. He likes succulents and cacti. He chats to Hendrik about quitting his day-job to start a small business, as well as why they support the Pride Shelter Trust.

Hendrik speaks with Glenda who has the Naturally Good range. It is various cleaning materials which is eco friendly. Sh also has the Khoisan collection, a series of products based on local indigenous knowledge. Her website is www.naturallygood.co.za and products can be purchased there.

Vanessa, one of the stall holders, sells natural hair dye, a conditioning treatment that will colour your hair in all the colours of the rainbow. It is available at www.ikuhler.co.za.